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about me

5577316117 abf359171e 300x199 about me  I am a poet, a photographer and an artist .

Mostly, I am a woman on a quest. I realized just a couple years ago that I was completely lost, when I looked into the mirror that person was no longer the person who had started out her life full of love and joy and excitement and curiosity about everything. Letting myself get blinded into submission by job, marriage, and loss I found myself in a dark place where no light could reach.  I read a poem by Rilke and the last line advised ” You must change your life”  and so I did. I secured my freedom,  packed my car with essentials and struck out to parts unknown to me.

It is still a struggle, that I do not deny but I am determined and I am willful . I invite you to come along into my looking glass world where everything is now opposite of what I have ever known. You can cheer for me when I succeed and hold me up when I stumble and I will do the same for you.

I wear a locket that says “I am enough” and I think , I have the locket – so it must be true …..

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  1. LOVELY!!! Congratulations !!

    • Thanks Gwen !! I think I need to fine tune the clock or else actually let people believe that we were up at 6:46 a.m. …

  2. This a great site!!!! Just beautiful!!!

  3. Congrats, Martha. What a great website. Lots of luck and love.


  4. A most wonderful and wondrous place for you to share and for others to visit. I will tell my friend Sasha about it.

  5. Sirens,
    O’ never a lash
    strong enough
    fast enough
    to bind a sailor’s heart

  6. what a beautiful spot! have one of your beautiful vanilla candles lit while I take a look around.

    • Thank you so much Jennifer, it is a work in progress as we all are…so much to learn but having fun doing so…..I am so happy that you like the candles. They are being well received and that is so nice…xoxo – thanks for stopping by…..

  7. Love your new site Martha! Looks great!

    • Thank you so much Sue…now I need to start actually working on it but I also love the design. Anne Quade did a great job !!! and thanks to Kelly and Danielle for recommending her to me. And Sue , thanks for the candle order ! xoxo – Martha

  8. You are a total inspiration for me, Miss Martha! Great site! Great products! Great work!

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