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from the siren

On the other side

of the singing,

where no one

understands there was ever resistance

or doubt –

that is where I want you

to stand.


Not just before you hear

the song that is my name,

but the moment after –

when you cannot


the time before you loved me

and all that you breathe is me.


What is the color of your fear?

I will weave my gown of that

true shade –

Stand by the edge of the sea.


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  1. I have been compelled to read this poem over and over again, and I couldn't quite figure out why, then it dawned. It's because it is a good poem; I mean really good. I say this because it challenges me and does not satisfy intellectual craving at the first hit! It requires the reader to think and divine their own interpretation. But it still leaves me wondering on its author's intentions or if indeed you had any… beyond coveying your feelings. Whatever it is, it leaves me with a desire for more. Thank you for sharing it wth us.

  2. I love this – especially the way you slowed time down to a space so small, it is between breathing in and out. It gives that moment a precious, intensely mystical quality – something that makes you want to dive into it. This is really, really good.

  3. wow – thanks for the great comments and thanks for reading !!!

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