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Being The Scribe ( or ) Lines ” Stolen” from writing class with Kim Stafford, April 15, 2012

Pressed into books
I found photos of a woman,
not my mother,
drunk on martinis
and a note that said
I want to kiss you- -
( room – 100 )

I am schooled in my own solitude
with no space to fill
and was born in a slow hot, midsummer.
Now feel what’s underneath;
unhurried, improbable,
it looks like fireworks,
beckoning bees -
releasing life.

( thanks to Susan, Jason, Janeen, Kim, Gene, Sylvia, Bill , David, Phil and Abby )

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  1. 'I am schooled in my own solitude" so lovely

    "and was born in a slow hot, midsummer" love this!

    can't wait to hear more about this class.

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