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When light comes in sideways

and rests on tops of mountains

with snowy crests aflush in abalone pink,

it plays on rippled water

bouncing up to bird breast feather

painting stems of grasses

ruby on the shoreline.


Soak it up, but quickly,

from eye to camera lens.

Light is fleeting.

Gazing too long in its face

       will make it shy.

You’ll miss the blush.


A photo cannot capture what made the heart wince

    or caught the breath mid-throat,

    but just may trap the smallest bit,

in the instant of a shutter blink

    one tiny scene could echo colors dancing.


It’s then the world beyond has room to live,

       inhabited by imagining.

The solitude and longing all remain unseen

       paused there for you to walk outside the frame

                           and make it real.


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  1. beautiful. i wish i could put a photo (photography) into words as delicate and graceful as you do.

  2. thanks . glad you liked it !!!

  3. Beautiful photo. I love how the light plays off the outline of the bird and highlights the grass. I know…you should write a poem about it ;) Love your site and will be back often to read/see more! Miss our little group :(

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