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end of season

I am an Autumn virtue,

a quietly falling leaf

softly gliding,

like the flight of ravens

stopping to rest in towering trees,

always too cautious.


I am an Autumn reverie,

swirling whirlwinding seeds,

falling acorns,

pumpkins rotting in the field

where vines ran wild

in summer.


I am Autumn chaos,

silent and sullen

hard freezes,

brittle frost crystals

destroying fragile petals

anticipating drifts of snow.


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  1. Nice poem, until the last word. Perfect without it. Lets the reader decide what you (them) are waiting for… I'm acting like I'm in your writers group! The group I was in on the Peninsula were brutal with our writing, loving the rest of the time.

  2. m ~ this is stunningly beautiful, one of my favorites. I love the way you begin each stanza.

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