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Nothing Left.


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The wind comes soft to me ,

                mixing scents of saltiness

                        with sweet spice of lavender

                              where bumblebees are gathering

                                            from morning ’til light fades.

Mists ascend, light and water start a dance.

                             Colors change from pastel hues

                                                  to darker richer shades.

The air comes cool to me

                       ( just right ).

     Canada geese land clumsily

                    dropping from the sky,

                          sown by hands of God.

 Then in the stillness

                 lapping sounds of water,

                            leaves in slightest breeze.


I have traveled from another place to this.

My breath is calm.


I have no home


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  1. You have the soul of a poet and your home is right here, doing this. The last line took my breath away as all good poetry should.

  2. thanks Cindy, you made me smile .

  3. I have no home ? Home is wherever you are, and the people you reach out to, the people you allow into your space.

    For me of course, home is first wherever Claire and I are together. That will come for you also. You are absorbing your new place nicely. Savor it, and move on if you are called, but savor now. I think you are savoring, and sharing.

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