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A prayer in cobalt


6125916565 3a8ab01604 z A prayer in cobalt


bob and glide

with perfect grace

along the shore

through cobalt waters,

to secret

cold ,dark, fish- filled havens.

I wish that I could always

hold this place.

As I drink coffee on this morning

I think of you so far away

and wish my heart would glide

unburdened as those seals

with such perfect unrelenting stillness

to just be.

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  1. a prayer in cobalt ~ beautiful. xoxo

  2. This is gorgeous. It captures that whimsical feeling one feels at the shore and your choice of words create lovely images – cobalt prayer, unburdened as gliding seals; this is really, really nice. The photo that preceded is even better. What a sweetie…
    Hugs from Cherokee and her Mum

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