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In the past several months, looking  through stacks of papers and memorabilia that were  kept since childhood and  reading through things I had written as a child, I was struck by what I had recorded as my plan for life. In a childish hand written in pencil on blue lined notebook paper I read the words of my intentions to become a social worker or an attorney with the explanation of wanting to  help people and that I would like to join VISTA. I read the words  of my plan to live in Seattle, that I did not want to have children and  was not sure that I wanted to be married. There are  other things  I remember saying but did not write down, that I wanted to smoke cigarettes when I grew up ( I thought it was glamorous ) and that I wanted to be a singer. I also found my very first poem . It was printed with pencil on a plain white sheet of paper and from the handwriting appears to have been written while in early elementary school ( I  misspelled the word lantern ), it probably was the second grade. And so it appears that this intention ( to write poetry ) entered into my life at an early age . I had forgotten these things and find it surprising that most of them have come to pass ( I gave up smoking many years ago , just as I have now given up social work ) and laugh to myself as I set off on the next step of my journey …..writing down my new intentions….to find a place of peace, to heal my heart  (somehow), to fill my life with art, to write a collection of poetry and have people read it (and love it ) , to be truly happy and find love that brings me joy. ( as a child in my mind i close my eyes and cross my fingers ) . Intentions are quite powerful things. …more than I ever imagined ….. 


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  1. yes! yes! yes! close your eyes and cross your fingers, tilt your head back and sing your intentions out loud to the universe. truly. i believe in you!

  2. Keep following your dreams – you are well on your way. Lovely story, so true and sweet. Knowing yourself so well in second grade is impressive. Love, Janis

  3. Oh my goodness, is that little girl Martha? LOVE! What a treasure trove of memories to come across. You are in my heart.

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