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She ( beguiled, hypnotized , enchanted)

dreams in shades of pink ,

pale peony pink ,

flamingo pink,

the color of vintage tea towels,

scented with ginger .

She peeps through absurd keyholes

tempted by promises of clarity

and instead of earnestness

finds astonishment,

(goblins of otherness,)

afloat in iridescence,

a milky way of

unfinished desire.

She wears those stars around

her neck, a cosmic pendant falling

close to her heart.

It twinkles with words like fearless,



She fumbles

with the clasp.

5 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. yes

    (your homework is to read this aloud to yourself, standing up, letting your voice echo around you, letting the words live inside you.)

  2. you ROCK the twinkling necklace of fearlessness, bravery and courage!
    yes. you. do.

  3. beautiful and amazing! (both you and the poem). xo

  4. Beautiful words and meaning strung together with such grace and courage. It's awesome!

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