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Sonnet for Annie’s Dog

The noise that fills the sky in hot July,

is something that incites my dog to hide

below my bed and so I can rely

on her to be there ( ’neath the bed ) unspied.


…Amid the distant pop and crackle heard

the shouts of joy and howls of laughter roar,

complete with sizzle sparkle shine, absurd

to mimic bombs aloft, the tools of war.


The smoky cloud of sulphur smell does fill

my nose and throat with its vile  acrid air.

The burst of light does beauty here reveal,

the ground beneath in peaceful times now rare.


And so beneath my bed my dog does lie

to sleep in slumber Fourth of hot July


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I wrote this verse for my friend Annie but started then to think of my dear Aunt, Ann Savage, who passed away in 2007. She is pictured here with her pomeranian , Sassy . My aunt loved dogs more than anything and was very active in several canine organizations and causes. She left behind a generation of nieces and nephews who now continue her love of dogs and are passing it down the family tree, her influence will live long after her memory .  Her birthday was July 4…. remembering my aunt on this day .

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