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roses of summer.

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Pink pink petals in the morning dew.

Drops of rain 

held by each 

point of the leaves.

How fresh, 

how pure, 

the sun shines 

through petals 

and caught in my camera 

lens they are luminescent, 


mother of pearl shines no more than these.

They are honest and forthright.

These roses are the everbloomers,

 (so the claims are made…)

these first roses of summer. 

At night the fragrance calls to me 



brings me closer.

And in the  night a  summer breeze

can toss

a thunderstorm

and lightning 

brings the pinkness 

forth as camera flash can do.

In morning , petals  scattered by the wind. 

Your promises lie broken on the  ground.

5859041814 f62cc070cd z roses of summer.


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  1. Lovely – photo and poem.

  2. I really like your juxtaposition of the poem and photographs here and adore the word "everbloomers."

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