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my magic is down….

 Yesterday I was reminded of the line , ” my magic is down “,  written by  Richard Brautigan …


After Halloween Slump

My magic is down.

My spells mope around

the house like sick old dogs

with bloodshot eyes

watering cold wet noses.

 My charms are in a pile

in the corner like the

dirty shirts of a summer fatman.

one of my potions died

last night in the pot.

It looks like a cracked

Egyptian tablecloth

…and that is how I feel when things are not going EXACTLY the way that I want them to go. My recent transitions have for the most part  been self imposed and although it was somewhat like lighting a long fuse and  waiting to see what would happen, I was totally unprepared ( like one of those cartoons characters that does not take cover ) when the explosion came.It was devastating. I know I have been accused of whining, whimpering , wallowing – all those “w” words but I prefer to describe it as wailing.    I find it a more mystical description, kind of Celtic, spiritual,  siren-esque …I am wailing to the wind…windward wailing …calling for direction and calm and peace and wholeness of spirit and for, of course, love, which is the ” my magic is down ” part. I am moving and have 12 more days to finish packing.  I am developing my art kit today – a portable kit to include my favorite pencils, papers, collage bits, rubber stamps, and essential tools ; heat gun and tiny scissors  ( don’t panic I have glitter ) and swirly paper-clips and photos and dog tags and skeleton keys and watch parts ….it is quite a kit. And then there will be my poetry kit ,  which will include my Brautigan, Rilke, Susan Woolridge, Kim Addonizio , pencils ,  word lists, and of course my Eiffel Tower pencil sharpener…. and then there is my altar kit ….you get the idea …my gypsy caravan will be packed for any contingency , any artsy emergency …anyone along the road sends up a ” help-I-need-a-word-for-the-utter-despair-of-a-broken-heart” flare , I will be there , no problem , sorry to have monopolized all the words of despondency . If anyone needs a bit of gold dresden border for a collage, I will be there, glue stick in hand ( sorry I did not  get around to ordering cute tape ) . Twelve more days to pack my artistic self into the smallest possible space, wishing for Jennifer‘s VW Bus  , (where can I get one of those anyway ? ) and hoping  for …..

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  1. yes yes yes to these kits! i am collecting some small suitcases and train cases for this very thing. LOVE THIS!

    (i hope you move out here as i think we could have some pretty awesome adventures with our kits in hand. hee, hee.)

    AND as for the VW bus, I have a contact for you about those if you are really interested. :)


  2. these kits sound fabulous! you are right about wailing – it's a better representation I think. i've always longed for a gypsy caravan and i guess that's kind of what our vw bus is for us. we named her gypsy and i'm pretty sure she has a soul. :)

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