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Memorial Day Passage…..

I spent one day of this long Memorial Day weekend  with my family , celebrating two birthdays and thinking of an uncle who at age 99 will soon end his physical journey here. My Uncle, who everyone calls “Bunny” , was the holder of the family geneology and noted all the births and deaths and provided our family members with information of  ancestors who fought and died from the Revolutionary War and US Civil War . This,of course, comes to mind on  Memorial Day.  I wish I could have all the knowledge that will pass with my Uncle Bunny, but I dedicate my little photo essay today to him and to all those who have been an inspiration in my life and in the lives of others …..


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  1. this is lovely martha.

    what kind of bird is that? the colors are so vibrant!

  2. Very nice. I love the shadow picture – family blending together.

  3. the bird in the photo is a baltimore oriole eating grape jelly , the plant at the top I believe is called a sweet shrub and then there is a forget-me-not , a peony , and a larkspur – the shadow photo is of me and my niece sadie, photo was actually taken by her…we inspire each other to artistic-ness .

  4. I love the picture of our shadows.(: im also impressed with the picture of the tiny blue forget-me-not flowers. i cant ever get a good picture of them. theyre just too small!

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