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if these walls could talk …….

5756625623 515d34b9ae z if these walls could talk .......


they would whisper, not shout, not sing.

and her “what does it mean?”

would be the smallest softest sound like sand

        in shifting, or sleet on window screens.

His sleet, her beloved.

She is dropped into what’s to come.

        Sultry surroundings?

        A sweet surprise?

Hear her, beloved, these walls would whisper.

Hear her, magnificent adventure.

Hear her, whispering her noble farewell.

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  1. Magnificent adventure surely awaits you. It's the sweet surprise that will make it all worth it, though. Beautiful. ♥

  2. I am intrigued by this photograph ~ those steps look like they lead to and from magnificent adventure. Where is this?

  3. I captured this photo near the same place as I took the waterfall photos – along a country road in rural West Virginia near my home…I am not sure what the story of these Hogwart-ish stairways is but I was fascinated and not sure if they are coming or going or if they even know themselves – for that matter they may be a trout stream ….

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