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I always felt …

today I had to sit in a waiting room at a car repair shop and while some work was being done I jotted down this rhyming poem which started out to be about tires and treads and ended up being  about longing….isn’t that always the logical path ?

5573316408 660d0fb660 b I always felt ...

I always felt like a wave,

I never felt like the shore,

I always felt like love

     would never leave me whole.


I always felt like a current,

I never felt like a stone,

I often felt that my heart

     would never be over-flowed.


I always felt like the leaf,

I never felt like the root,

I always felt blown by the wind

     my pain pushing me through- -


I always felt like the searcher,

I never felt like the found,

I always felt too free

     when I wanted to feel bound.


I always looked for your heart,

I never longed so much,

I always called your name

     but could never keep your touch.

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  1. This is so powerful. Gorgeous. I love that beach too… :-)

  2. is this the beach in manzanita? there's a lyric flow to your words here that captivates me. those last two stanzas really tug at my heart. xo

  3. Yes it is the beach at Manzanita . Thanks for the lovely comments …

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