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( flashback to 1973……..)

 5798465161 9e10972a31 z ( flashback to 1973........)

photo by Mary Noble Ours


A Sort of Black-Eyed Pea Memorial


     When I was younger I knew a man who loved to eat

                                                                     Black-Eyed peas.

      He would plant them every Spring and eat them ( just right )

                                                                     every Summer.

      Now I am older, but the man’s old wife ( he died ) still plants

                                                                     the Black-Eyed peas.

      And as the crows pluck the peas from the vines

                                                                      ( due to loss of an eater)

      they strangely contemplate the old man’s spectre as

                                                                        it mutters,

      ” Just a few more days ’til pickin’”, and walks past them

                                                                        up the rows.


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  1. I really like the way you space and align your poetry Martha, it's striking. Great title too.

  2. I like it. A snapshot. Loads of cultural undertone, and visual imagery.

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