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Sadie’s shots….

My niece Sadie visited with me today and she has recently become interested in photography. I gave her a copy of The Shutter Sisters book which she is loving….she took my camera for about an hour and came back with lots of good photos. Here are my favorites ….

5724065697 713b36eb0a z Sadies shots....


5724613370 d74f088b31 z Sadies shots....


5724052181 b6f6338ca9 z Sadies shots....


5724601160 c4fa7839a9 z Sadies shots....


5724585400 f19d83e213 Sadies shots....


5724579292 918caed7ee z Sadies shots....

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  1. Great Pictures. She takes after you.

  2. She has the "eye" for sure !! Love these, I hope she will continue with this journey….

  3. Thanks guys.(: i love photography and really hope to make a living out of it someday. Im really glad people like my stuff.

  4. Great pics. I love photography. Nice w/ all the colors as well. Keep it up, it is a nice way to document life and things important to you at that time. There is a reason you chose what you did to snap a photo of.

  5. Great pictures Sadie ~ I love your self portrait!

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