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transparent loveletters

the courtship of the hummingbird

is full of buzz and hum

and chirps.

the dancing flight intense

with passion.

the flash of fire

the change of time

the near collision

mid air connection

all written

in invisible language

the poetry of the air

the lyric of the sky

in twilight

at sunset

with darkening clouds

they fly.

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  1. Your words make beautiful pictures in my mind.

  2. I just love your words, they are magical, beautiful, and healing to my heart. Keep up the great work.

  3. Voyeur

    Nice. I love to watch their courtship. Looks like fun. I'm reminded of a flirty dance with an umbrella we do to a blues number, chasing each other around the dance floor, in time to the music, and end by closing the umbrella over us for a kiss.

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