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5593605629 d4c495b8e2 z lost. 

I understand  being lost.  

I know about not finding the path.  

(but not seeking ?) 

I understand  disappointment . 

(but not questing?)  

I hope for you there is a star . 

My wish for you is that you look.  

Perhaps in vain , all may be lost, 

there may be no way …  

(but) How can you take a chance  

when just around the corner  

may be

true north ?

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  1. this photograph is majestic. sending thoughts of comfort and healing.

  2. HI Martha,
    Just peeking in again to let you know I was blessed to draw your name as the winner of my giveaway! If you can email me your address I will be happy to send your gift on its way to you!
    Take care.Lani

  3. Absolutely love this. Your words are an inspiration to my day.

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