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blue bottle stallions

5692965001 137c440e26 z blue bottle stallions 


cobalt blue bottles

line  my window

reflecting their colors

onto the bright mustard yellow

of the walls

competing with the sky and the sun.

I pack them each in last years

newspaper .

will they lose their brilliance?

will my jewels fade like hope?

I gaze past them through the window

eyes blurred with tears.

They look like big blue horses

grazing on the lawn.

What pastures will they see again?


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  1. those blue bottles are mouthwatering.

    thinking of you as you pack and sending love. xoxo

  2. They are like so many other beautiful things that you have collected and savored other the years. Displaying them in just the right places to create vignettes of beauty. Your home was always a gallery of art, folk art, culture, whimsey and beauty. You are the geni inside those bottles Martha. You are the curator of love and hope and beauty. You have nurtured other souls all your life but you have also nurtured your own life with things like these blue bottles. You are remarkable. Always have been always will be the blue bottles are just a prop..they are not you. You . You. You. You. You. You.

  3. Letting go of things is symbolic, cathartic, ultimately liberating.

  4. Beautiful Blues. I am praying for your courage and blessings as you pack. I hope you will have peace and comfort during your transition. Sending you love!

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