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100 things I remember …. ( to honor my mother on the occasion of the fourth year since her passing )

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  1. I remember 2007 and how sick my mother was for the years before
  2. I remember how quiet she got before she died
  3. I remember the lilac color we painted her room
  4. I remember her asking me if she had been a good mother
  5. I remember how she smiled after my father visited ( they had been estranged for  many years )
  6. I remember my mothers hands and that she had gotten arthritis
  7. I remember my mother planting daffodils the fall I moved into my house – I had hurt my back and she was helping
  8. I remember her voice when she read Eudora Welty
  9. I remember my mother’s laugh
  10. I remember the first year after and I was still in shock
  11. I remember the second year after I was still so sad
  12. I remember the third year after I felt some hope
  13. I remember how we planned for Thanksgiving dinners
  14. I remember how we went to Harpers Ferry  during Christmas and ate gingerbread and pulled taffy and shopped
  15. I remember making valentines with my mother and she always signed hers “guess who?”
  16. I remember how she was annoyed by the neighbors green thumb
  17. I remember how she baked pies and made bread pudding and rice pudding
  18. I remember how we laughed in the emergency room when the doctors always mistook her for much younger
  19. I remember my mother’s jewelry
  20. I remember going to the hospital with my mother to see her mother and how distressed she was
  21. I remember promising my mother that I would not let her appear as her mother had
  22. I remember my mother planting Madonna lilies that she dug from her mother’s yard
  23. I remember playing cards with my mother in the summer with my aunt ann and my grandmother
  24. I remember my Mother showing me embroidery
  25. I remember her habit of spelling words with her index finger – a habit that I have adopted
  26. I remember how she wrote and how nearly illegible her handwriting was
  27. I remember how she loved watching Jeopardy on television
  28. I remember taking her to see the movie Titanic
  29. I remember taking my mother to dig wildflowers and how we laughed at my deception of taking photos so we would not get caught
  30. I remember taking my mother and her friend to see Harry Potter and how they loved it
  31. I remember taking my mother and her friends to Harrisonburg to the outdoor garden shop and buying birdbaths
  32. I remember my mother and I going out to dinner on Thanksgiving
  33. I remember my mother always taking my husband and me out to dinner on our anniversary
  34. I remember talking my mother into calling my husband a dickhead
  35. I remember my mother telling me to give the finger to  some people who were impatient with my driving
  36. I remember my mother and me going for Sunday drives
  37. I remember my mother and me going for greenhouse crawls on Mothers Day Weekends
  38. I remember my mother’s quilts  and her sewing baskets and helping draw out things for her embroidery
  39. I remember my mother’s herb garden and her crafting her herb wreaths
  40. I remember her pulling weeds
  41. I remember her awful ice tea
  42. I remember that she said ” you had better get a move on “
  43. I remember her southern accent
  44. I remember her piles of books and magazines
  45. I remember her collection of angels
  46. I remember her friends who are mostly gone now but some remain and I still know them
  47. I remember her bedroom and the black walnut furniture
  48. I remember how forgetful she got in later years and had trouble driving the car
  49. I remember how she nursed my little dog Brutus after he was hit by a car and she saved him from dying
  50. I remember the first library where she worked and how I would work there sometimes and fall asleep
  51. I remember she loved South Pacific
  52. I remember she loved Mario Lanza
  53. I remember she ate too much ice cream
  54. I remember how she always went to Weight Watchers on Monday nights and then to the Pizza Hut after with her friends
  55. I remember that she sang in the choir at church
  56. I remember that she counted the church money and when she brought it home she would stick it in the clothes dryer in case the house burned down
  57. I remember how nice she was to my boyfriend even though she thought he was much too old for me
  58. I remember how kind she was to my black friend in high school even though she had been brought up in the South
  59. I remember that she had a boyfriend named Charlie and that he was killed in a car accident
  60. I remember that the day her divorce from my father was final I sang the country song ” Your D- I- V- O – R- C- E is final today ” to  her and she laughed even though she was sad
  61. I remember her brushing my hair when I was little and rolling my hair on rags
  62. I remember how she tried to make my hair stay blonde and would put lemonjuice on it and have me sit in the sun
  63. I remember how she told me that having a tan was a sign of being lower class
  64. I remember she told me that I should stay in the shade because it kept my skin pale and that I was fair skinned
  65. I remember my mother teaching me how to sing
  66. I remember my mother singing “Que Sera sera ” to me
  67. I remember my mother read me ” Alice’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass ” more than once
  68. I remember her reading  Mother Goose to me
  69. I remember that my mother and I loved to watch boxing and loved Cassius Clay
  70. I remember my mother and I watching basketball and loving the Celtics
  71. I remember that my mother’s favorite song was ” Spanish Eyes”
  72. I remember that she always wanted a red coat and finally got one
  73. I remember when the doctor told my mother and me that she had breast cancer and we were incredulous
  74. I remember when I had surgery and she sat by my bed until I told her to go home and then when I woke up in the morning she was already there
  75. I remember how sad she was for me when I understood that I could not have children and she relayed  the information from the doctor
  76. I remember driving her car
  77. I remember coming home drunk and how mad she was at me
  78. I remember how worried I made her
  79. I remember when my cousin Tommy died and I got the call and my mother was out for the evening and when she came home I had been sleeping and when I got out of bed and told her she thought I had been dreaming and it was really hard to convince her
  80. I remember that she used to lead me back to bed when I was sleep walking
  81. I remember how she used to make my clothes and I hated trying them on with all the pins that would stick if you moved
  82. I remember she always made us Easter Baskets and how she reassured me that the Easter Bunny would find me at Grandma’s house
  83. I remember hearing my mother cry . a lot.
  84. I remember how much fun she had when we visited with her sisters or they visited with us
  85. I remember that she was afraid of horses and her sisters and brothers would tease her about running from a horse
  86. I remember that she was afraid of the water but she pulled me out when I was drowning
  87. I remember my mother making us Halloween costumes
  88. I remember my mother and I doing decoupage
  89. I remember my mother’s drawer full of embroidery thread
  90. I remember my mother dying. it was horrible.
  91. I remember telling my mother that her last sister had died.
  92. I remember my mother loved roses , her favorite was Double Delight
  93. I remember my mother telling me about the cotton mill in Danville and about tobacco worms
  94. I remember her taking me to visit Mr and Mrs Milloway in Danville and he showed me his old car
  95. I remember going to Natural Bridge Va with my mother and the Smoky Mtns and the Blueridge Parkway and Monticello and Canada
  96. I remember my mothers smile.  I have it .
  97. I remember my mother loved the Statler Brothers and  the Lawrence Welk Show
  98. I remember my mother reading Uncle Remus and James Whitcomb Riley poems
  99. I remember my mother every single day
  100. I remember that on April 24 it will be four years ago that she died and it gets easier but I remember.

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  1. This is such a lovely tribute Martha, so beautiful and real. I like that her photo is by your profile picture. I can see the resemblance and your twin smiles. The specifics in these memories really stand out ~ like the sound of her voice when she read Eudora Welty, the Double Delight her favorite rose, her drawer full of embroidery thread, etc.

    Sending you hugs.

  2. really such a beautiful tribute. it says so much about both of you… you have inspired me to write memories of my mother. she passed nearly thirty years ago, and i also think of her every day. so blessed. thank you, my dear friend, for your timely reminder.

  3. Wow, poignant lovely joyous wrenching sweet. Thank you.

  4. Martha — what a lovely rememberence and recount of the time y'all spent together here on earth
    . I see YOU in your mom and wish that I had met her…Oh …but I have. Through you.

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