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what i never told you….


5671290316 4045f31a5c what i never told you....


I am so tired of being overwhelmed



I am so exhausted by

not knowing

the way.

I am so disheartened

by losses

and changes.

I am wearied by

tears and


I am taxed

I am weakened

I am annoyed

I am vexed

     but what I never told you is

I am stronger than this,

I am able

I am enduring

I am resilient

I am steadfast

I am constant

       and what I never told you is …

I will arise

I will emerge

I will soar.


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  1. I know that every day can be hard. I know there is a lot you don't tell. You don't have to tell those who really know you. We already know what you never told us. Your dad knew. Your mom knew. You are woman. I hear you roar. :-)

  2. Of course you will. I am happy to read the last part of the poem because this shows me that you know you can do this.

  3. Beautifully written and so well suited with your picture of the eagle.

  4. Your eagle image is spectacular and a fitting accompaniment to your soaring words. xoxo

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