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wanted: darkness, strong armed lover, poet of the ocean breezes, writer of sleet and hail and stormclouds gathering, he who lets me be me and loves all my parts, he who understands my fragility edged with bravery like the gilt edged pages of a leatherbound copy of don quixote, he who can read dante in italian and flirts with lemons, a lover of women filled with great passions who could be  named sasha.

will bring you:  happiness, laughter, adoration, breathless and timeless beauty and hope and passion.   flowers of yellow and colors of pink and orange, daffodils and poppies , strawberries and creme and cookies iced with warm kisses,  hundreds of kisses in colors of the sun, donuts dipped in maple that smell like heaven, my heart , my loyalty , intense as fire and strong as ice, love as constant as the tide and faithful as the stars.

together we are the ocean , the waves, the sky , the taste of chocolate melting on the tongue.   we are poetry that begs to be written, we will write it - you will write it and I will bring you kisses of mango flavored sweetness that will melt the words in your mouth - you will write it and I will speak it as you take my breath away with your passion,  we will be strong as willow branches always growing by the water .

come. find me.


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  1. Exquisite. Keep writing. He will come.

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