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the view through my eyes

a short photo essay of my week ….the end of April 2011 …


5671333972 67ee5bd717 the view through my eyes



5670748301 d95848fcf3 the view through my eyes



5671295822 b0b91157c0 the view through my eyes



 5671292218 9ae220020d the view through my eyes



5670722127 30611c8914 z the view through my eyes

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  1. I love the way the eagle looks surprised at the black bird. And I like the new blackberry leaves, at least that's what I think they are.

  2. Eagle/blackbird – what a great shot. Words and pictures to heal the soul……

  3. Thanks for the nice comments on my photos , the eagle was very shocked that he was being attacked by crows and seemed quite startled …the leaves are on a rosebush in my yard, along with the poppies and the lilacs – all after yet another rain storm.

  4. I love the rose bush leaves but what an awesome shot of the eagle!!

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