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a passing day …


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5599505766 d41365e3b8 b a passing day ...  There are days when things come easy but these are not usually common , at least not for me. That is why I find it helpful to develop rituals in order to bring some kind of peace and light to my day. I light a candle and bless my day and ask for help and strength and love. The quiet of my life enfolds me and brings me a sense of peace. The music of my flute enters the house and wakes up my brain and strengthens my fingers. I include some photography or art and always notice the birds ( like at this moment there is an angry cardinal attacking my window ) and the flowers and try ( when it is an option ) to sit in the sun. My heart has many losses that I am trying to cope with and live through which  sometimes  overwhelm me and intense sadness is all that can be reckoned with and battled. My rituals are self prescribed medications for my soul but living in a place of darkness is not easy and there are days when it is just too difficult and I hope that the next day will come quickly and I can keep the stones out of my pockets long enough to find my way .

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  1. I read your posts inside my head using your voice to narrate. It's wonderful knowing your voice, that I can conjure the cadence, the lilts and inflections. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to memorize this part of you, so that you are always with me.

  2. I second what Amy said – so grateful to hear your voice reciting these words in my head.

    I'm head over heels for your typewritten list. That photo is a favorite. I am such a Luddite at heart.

    Your daily rituals are filled with beauty. I hope to hear you play the flute.

    You are so dear to my heart.

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