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My Father’s Poem

 5569462293 3e143d7f7a My Fathers Poem

 I gave my Father post-it notes.

 He was enchanted.

 He wrote  ” gone to store”,  or whole letters on bright orange.

       ” There was a male RoseBreasted Grosbeak

           at one of my window feeders this morning.

           I have only seen two hummingbirds so far.

           The Orioles are back.

            I long to hear the Whippoorwills  

                                  Love   Dad “

 His search ended,  mine begins.

 His yearning over, mine neverending.

 I long to hear the Whippoorwills

 ( my heart’s peace ).


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  1. I can envision this bright orange poem in your hand ~ how lovely a gift

    So moved by this story

    Wishing you the music of Whippoorwills


  2. It's a truly beautiful story. I long to hear the Whippoorwills (my heart peace) speaks to me. I'm hoping peace comes to you in the most magical ways.

  3. a huge rewrite – thanks to my loving editor. You are the best .

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