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my costa rican flight.


5562257788 c518d9141b my costa rican flight.


Orchids ,

Orange and pink -

Not pastel but neon.

5561913367 3724c11519 my costa rican flight.

 Sunsets and moonrise.

Palm trees and mango groves.

Strawberries and pineapple,

Hummingbirds and butterflies .

5562767022 98bc4cb6aa m my costa rican flight.

Not holding fast ,

treading water perhaps

but not holding fast .

5562183667 e5335178cf my costa rican flight.

Breaking free to fly, my dearest,

not swimming at all.

Soaring with wings of scarlet macaws,

Gliding on wings of pelicans

over the ocean waves

Straight to your heart .

5562324452 181935f2a1 my costa rican flight.

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  1. Remember that feeling. It will carry you through.

  2. Your neon pink and orange orchids delight my imagination, and what I wouldn't give to meander through a mango grove!

  3. You have inspired my slow, relaxed Sunday. I think that's what great writers/photographers do, they inspire. Thank you for facing the moments of your life with so much courage. You are loved and admired, my friend.

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