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Spring slips in


Spring slips in with sounds like suction cups

                                                          Like shoes stuck in mud

                                                           Like jello dropping out of molds

 Spring arrives on wings of redwing blackbirds

                                                           Stealth fighters of the winter blues

                                                           Seekers of last fall’s forgotten harvest

 Spring bleeds through like watercolors onto stark white paper 

                                                          As the yellow – purple - neon greens of

                                                          Daffodils – crocus – and new green grass through snow

 This spring arrives like no other–

                                                          With thoughts of mortality and life’s brief passage

                                                          As I make my way through fifty springs and wonder . . .

                             Where is the springtime of my life?

                              Where are my robin songs?


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  1. beautiful
    so glad you have a home for your poetry

  2. Love it, especially the redwing blackbird part…And I agree…so glad you & your poetry have a home.

  3. typo – thanks for the edit – I am not claiming deliberate …..

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