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my journey

     I recently took a trip that I felt was going to be a kind of celebration of my independence or a declaration actually as I did not feel really festive but just anxious and worried that I would screw up everything and not ever reach any sort of destination at all. I am hesitant to admit that although I have traveled a bit ( not enough ) that only once did I make all the arrangements and manage things on my own and that trip was too many years ago to even count. So booking a flight, reserving hotel rooms and making certain of times , connections and all that goes into a trip was something that I had to figure out and not without asking a lot of questions from friends who are very good travelers. Of course, the first thing that happened was a delayed flight but thanks to advice from my dearest friend and a little flirting with the guy behind the counter ( as I realized I was not going to make my connection) I managed to get booked onto another connection and into a first class seat ! So with this victory under my belt, so to speak ,I felt fairly confident and even though I had to hang out all day in the Houston Airport I had a good lunch , found the book I had been looking for at the fourth bookstore I went to and bought a ring that I felt symbolized the labyrinth of my journey. So my journey proceeded –after being delayed in Pittsburgh due to snow then being  stalled in Houston just waiting,  to my arrival in Portland , Oregon. My only real screw up occured at this point with a credit card that did not have enough balance to comply with the car rental requirements and this was due to my own lack of diligence in paying off a balance  which I can only blame on  my own horrible habit of procrastination. I was a bit frantic at this point but did take care of the problem the following morning however would have been delayed one day in my trip but for a simple twist of fate , begging the pardon of Bob Dylan, which came in the form of  the request that I drive a young woman who was traveling to the same destination , arriving from Atlanta.

     She did not want to drive in the snow and I , being used to driving in the snow and considering myself, through unwilling but necessary practice in driving in the snow,  ” an excellent snow driver “, I consented to drive and so we worked it out that she would rent the car , I would be added as an additional driver and so I met a new dear friend. Of course this was not a coincidence as we soon learned . Although she is a young black woman from Atlanta and I am a middle aged white woman from West Virginia we shared similiar demons and on the trip through the mountain passes of Oregon , through mandatory chain and traction tire sections of road ( which we had neither ) , through inches and inches of snow over unplowed and untreated roads with Erica as happy as a lark and taking photos and videos and pointing out the beauty of the snow we bonded and became friends with a common goal – to find a new path.

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  1. yes.
    sending love and light across the miles from my little house to your corner.

  2. I would say I am jealous, but that would be a somewhat worthless emotion to have. I am thankful you were able to have this enriching experience, as it sounds amazing and wonderful and loving and scary and amazing. (did I say amazing already?) hopefully someday I will have the amazing opportunity to have a similar journey, and that we may have a crazy WWM/GD adventure together!

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