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reclamation of self ….

  • divorce
  • retirement
  • menopause
  • death of parents
  • loss
  • hopelessness
  • uncertainty
  • heartbreak

Over the course of the past year these are the things that I faced and with which I continue to do battle. My weapons in battle …

  • art
  • poetry
  • reading reading reading
  • exercise
  • healthy eating
  • love

This is the ongoing story of my journey back to my self ….

  reclamation of self a robin looking for spring….

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  1. I will pray you through your journey.

  2. those are my kinds of weapons. did you spot this robin on your recent travels?

  3. You go on with your Bad-Ass self! With those tools, there is no way you are not going to win the battle! (But if you need to borrow I lightsaber, I have three boys and would be glad to send one your way!

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