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I am


I am treading water, 



Seeking sympathy, springtime, songlines,

 haunted by ” what might have beens “


  lone ,

  ( sometimes ) warrior-like

  Seeking– protection, enchantment ,

  I am on a pilgrimage,

 trying to break free from paralysis,

  afloat in graciousness,

  innocently cunning ( my soul wrapped in French newspapers. )

  Seeking– resurrection.

  birdsongs, white birds , mystique .

  I am a refugee in my apartness,

 longing for a leafy triumphant return to —

  I am .


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  1. Martha, I love this – it perfectly captures you. Miss you! Megumi

  2. i can hear the lilt in your voice reading this. That makes me smile. I love that you are wrapped in French newspaper. I think there may be glue and glitter also…

  3. your soul wrapped in french newspaper fills my heart with delight. congratulations on your beautiful new blog!

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